Lynne likes to find some headspace at weekends to ensure she stays mentally healthy and on occasion, when there is some energy left she joins the wonderful diverse range of people at the gym.  She may not do much when I am there, but at least she feels good having made the effort!

Lynne was attracted to join Vital, knowing many people who have no voice about their care and left unheard in the crowd. She feels that there are some great people who work in the statutory and voluntary sector who promote the rights of individuals they care for and help to break down barriers for them, but much more support is needed and this is where Vital fits in. She feels VITAL can support people to access support and services as awell as information when things go wrong. As such, she wanted to put her time and effort for the benefit of this cause.

Her vision for the future is that no-one experiencing a mental health, condition young or old is left by the way side to struggle by themselves or with their families, unsupported. 

For all of the serious stuff and hard work that goes in to supporting VITAL, Lynne also has a great sense of humour… feel free to try out your jokes when you see her.