Saeed has a great walking habit, and used to walk up to 10 miles a day as a way of maintaining a healthy mind. Walking has helped him to appreciate the landscape whilst allowing him to get his mind into neutral.

He came to VITAL as a volunteer befriender. He applied to do this because of the training element that came with the volunteering opportunity and feels fortunate enough to be able to turn his passion of working with people into a paid role. Knowing that he is getting up to go to a job where he knows he is making real differences in people’s lives is great for  well- being and mental health.

However, there is still work to be done at a time when people are still having difficulty in being understood, taken seriously and having their needs met, and he hopes to continue being a part of enabling this understanding to take place. 

We are not sure that walking helps Saeed keep an entirely clear mind though, as he knows the number of times that the sugar goes in the fridge and the milk stays out.