"I feel the service I received from ICAT was first class and especially from my advocate whose input was massive. I found the complaints process very daunting but the advocate helped me every step of the way. The complaint was very long and needed a lot of time and effort in its preparation with which the advocate helped admirably"
In some situations, ICAT can help you achieve informal resolutions to your concerns and complaints - where the issues are more complex and you would like a formal investigation the complaints procedure can achieve: Explanations for what has happened, apologies for what has happened and changes to health service practice that may have been identified as a result of your complaint.
Some complaints processes can be short and resolved in a matter of a few phone calls; other complaints procedures can continue for years, when lots of investigation etc is needed, but we support you through this whatever the length of the process and can provide information on any next steps.
Making a formal complaint can help you get answers and also result in improving health services.
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