The Importance of Community Advocacy

Not everybody has a legal entitlement to a Mental Health Advocate. This is why Community Advocacy is crucial to support those struggling with mental ill health. One service user explains the life changing impact Community Advocacy had on her life. Read more

Mary's Story

Mary has been a volunteer at VITAL for two years. ‘I can honestly say that both through the involvement in the service, and the support given by the organisation, VITAL has had a massively positive impact on my life’. Read more

Saeed's Story

Saeed is a Befriender and wanted to make a difference to the life of another, following his own illness. Read more

Allia’s story

‘Volunteering has enabled me to go from strength to strength and it's opened doors for me that I didn't think were possible’. Read more

Tracy's Story

Vital Stories: Happy go lucky throughout her childhood to early 20s, Tracy embraced life and all it had to throw at her. Read more

Mo's Story

Vital Stories: Mo was young and studying when his mental health became unmanageable. Read more

User Run? Our Impact

Watch our video about the impact of being a User Run service Read more

Sharon's Story

Vital Stories: Sharon is the Director of Bradford’s only user run advocacy service. Read more

John's Story

Vital Stories: At 10 John’s face started to pull informal faces. Read more

Terry's Story

Vital Stories: Sudden doubt and feelings of failure can happen at any time. Read more

Su's story

Vital Stories: Anxiety and OCD had plagued Su as a child. Read more