Mary's Story

Mary has been a volunteer at VITAL for two years. ‘I can honestly say that both through the involvement in the service, and the support given by the organisation, VITAL has had a massively positive impact on my life’.Read more

Saeed's Story

Saeed is a Befriender and wanted to make a difference to the life of another, following his own illness.Read more

Allia’s story

‘Volunteering has enabled me to go from strength to strength and it's opened doors for me that I didn't think were possible’.Read more

Tracy's Story

Vital Stories: Happy go lucky throughout her childhood to early 20s, Tracy embraced life and all it had to throw at her.Read more

Mo's Story

Vital Stories: Mo was young and studying when his mental health became unmanageable.Read more

User Run? Our Impact

Watch our video about the impact of being a User Run serviceRead more

Sharon's Story

Vital Stories: Sharon is the Director of Bradford’s only user run advocacy service.Read more

John's Story

Vital Stories: At 10 John’s face started to pull informal faces.Read more

Terry's Story

Vital Stories: Sudden doubt and feelings of failure can happen at any time.Read more

Su's story

Vital Stories: Anxiety and OCD had plagued Su as a child.Read more