Everybody has mental health

We have been trying to tackle stigma around mental health, not with the 1 in 4 statistic you hear about but with the fact that everybody has mental health! Everybody.

You can find most of the stories we ran over on our impact page, as we also wanted to show how VITAL played a part in their journey. But they are all examples of how mental health affects anyone, young, old, employed, studying... anyone can experience mental ill health or distress.

This is Adam's story.....

A management accountant for much of his adult life,  Adam one day started to feel unhappy at work. No work life balance and a young family, he started to resent the long hours until one morning said enough was enough. Burnt out, he became ill but after 3 months was back at work on light duties.

He had been driven, ambitious, always chasing the dream but decided to step down.

Thinking it was a change that was needed, Adam began to contract but struggled with the lack of authority he had held for so long. No daily structure of working for yourself led to a feeling of being lost. The depression and anxiety grew.

Getting away didn't help

A Sahara Trek was viewed as what was needed but it was just running away from the problem and when he returned home. Everything fell apart. He started noticing a pattern of moods and was started on different medication mixtures which he believes led to his first psychotic episode. One day he decided to come off meds completely, which is incredibly dangerous and led to a second psychotic episode which led to his arrest.

What has helped?

He is now undertaking a course and has started DBT. He struggles with social anxiety but has accepted that and that if he is having a bad day, those around him understand. He has taken up racketball, introduced a daily routine back into his life, recognises triggers and ensures he gets the sleep & rest he needs. He also has the support of his wonderful family and joined a group where he can talk openly to others about his experiences.