We are all living in unprecedented times. Our lives have been turned upside down, yet through this seamlessly bleak time there are amazing shimmers of light reaching us through kindness. The daily news is scary & heartbreaking but we are constantly staggered by the strength and thoughtfulness that so many are demonstrating. 

From the nations favourite Captain Tom raising incredible funds for the NHS to neighbours reaching out to one another.  People offering a helping hand to the most vulnerable and shielded, ensuring they have what they need or just surprising them with a food parcel or mowing their lawn.

From children creating beautiful rainbows to hang in windows to support the NHS to teachers delivering school dinners to the most vulnerable families. An emergency courier stepping in to support a cancer patient to organisations offering free food to NHS staff. All of these acts of kindness are making the world at bit brighter at this difficult time.

It feels as if we have gone back in time to a world that is caring, slower, with a sense of community. Little things like saying hello to one another is now the norm & that moment could mean the world to someone who is otherwise isolated and alone. We are no longer bustling along at a hundred miles an hour, with our heads down looking at our phones. Families & friends are enjoying time together whether at home or via technology. This lockdown, as cruel as it may be, is helping many of us to re-evaluate what is important. 

Not everybody has the support of loved ones and many remain socially isolated that would rather not. Some may be fearful to step into this new sense of community, or ignore attempts of those around them offering help for fear of rejection or interaction. People struggling with mental illness may have been isolated for some time and being forced into further solitude could set people further back from recovery. It is crucial that we can reach out to those struggling, letting them know they are not alone & offering the support they need.

In light of this, we are looking to reinstate our befriending service. Now more than ever this service is crucial to the mental wellbeing of so many. 

From today, we are launching the VITAL Befriending Crowdfunding page to raise valuable funds to deliver a 1 to 1 telephone befriending support service to aid those impacted by anxiety and depression. made worse by the current crisis. Our aim is to develop this into a face to face service once restrictions have been lifted. We hope you will get behind us in supporting this crucial service. Please click here to find out more. #kindnessmatters #mentalhealthawarenessweek