Carol’s way of maintaining mental health might send others to distraction, by way of cross-stitch, where hours can be and thoughts lost in the focus of the work. However, you will also find her unwinding with friends and family, chatting and socialising, all in the quest of staying mental healthy.

She came to VITAL 9 years ago, when the role of Finance Officer was advertised. Like most who come to work here, she was attracted by the ethos, as her confidence was depleted by a period of mental ill health.

She feels that the organisation really helped her to regain her confidence and hopes that it an continue to support people experiencing all types of mental health issues, regardless of diagnosis or severity.

Her hope for the future is that our projects will have real impact on people’s lives and that stigma will be removed from the discussion of mental health. If you pass her house and hear bizarre noises, worry not, she is just trying the learn the saxophone!