You may find Colin in your local 10 Pin Bowling alley, as his 10 Pin techniques were recently rediscovered after 50 years at a VITAL gathering. This is unsurprising as part of Colin’s way of staying mentally healthy is taking part in varied activities and interests. As with many of our team, Colin stays active, jogging and walking most days, but also has a good sense of doing things for enjoyment rather than because he ‘ought to’.

Colin has worked in mental health services and feels that people’s voices are often marginalised or ignored, and came to work with us following retirement, as he believes in the need to get people heard.  He has a vision which I’m sure many will share, that services are built around the needs of people rather than people having to fit in to services. He also hopes that people recognise that we all have mental health, and will all suffer with some type of mental health issue at some point in our lives.