Whatever the weather, Haseeb finds the Pennine Way or Yorkshire Dales a great way to declutter and renew his headspace, keeping the mind healthy. Preserving the mind was something he paid little thought too, but all areas of his work have had one common theme; people struggling to map out their thoughts in order to unleash their potential or stand up for what is important to them.

As such, advocacy was a great career option, but he found it hard to find a road in until an opportunity arose through a joint contract with Choice Advocacy, where he was able to use all the experience he had gained over the years to help give a voice to those who might be side lined or forgotten.

We were lucky to acquire Haseeb following difficult times for Choice Advocacy who we hope to see resurface over the following year. He hopes that despite the changing advocacy landscape he will continue to uphold the guiding principles and lend his expertise as an advocate for those who need a voice when all other voices drown out their voice.

One more thing its worth knowing about Haseeb, as much as he loves water, he hasn’t yet learned to swim.. so if you have any tips, let him know!