Sara keeps mentally healthy with an active mind, as well as the art of taking each day as it comes… often minute by minute, hour by hour, and being mindful of better times.

Sara came to VITAL 12 years ago attracted by the ‘user run’ work ethos that enabled her voice to be heard & listened to within what she often found to be over complicated  health & social care system. She says her VITAL turning point came when she was invited to become a Trustee,  finding it heartening to discover that the organisation believed in & had confidence in her, despite having very little in herself. The organisations’ non-judgemental stance & encouragement from the start enabled her to build esteem, become less self-critical, whilst also satisfying a passion for enabling others.

Her vision for the future is that the mental health needs for people of all age & diversity are recognised on a par with their physical health needs with no pre-judgement or discrimination & that people are treated as people; not as a diagnosis.

If you are lucky enough to spend some time with Sara, you may be the recipient of her amazing baking as she spends time in her my kitchen/come office which she considers her safe space. Here she enjoys challenging herself at being both culinary & philosophically creative.