If you can catch Sharon on a day where she is having to work that extra bit harder to keep her mental health ok, then you may get all your washing up done too! This is one of the various things she does to stay mentally healthy… sometimes a small achievement can motivate other actions.

Sharon didn’t have the confidence to ring for an application form 20 years ago, but fortunately her friend did, and sent her the application. She believes that working within a user run organisation is the most ‘normal’ place she has worked, or at least it should be. She loves working with people who are open about their mental health, and use their experiences in a positive way to help and inspire others… having mental health issues does not mean you cannot achieve!

She shares the vision that people will be seen as more than their illness whoever they are talking to, and that people can share experiences openly to benefit others who are struggling.
In an age of Unicorns, your will find Sharon with the Dragons.