Tracy lives in a creative bubble, with a passion for writing and making things. She is also a big advocate for Mindfulness citing ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ by Mark Williams and Danny Penman as a life saver, along with her love of yoga.

Tracy joined VITAL just over 2 years ago after nearly 20 years in the Events industry. Following ‘burnout’ which led to depression and anxiety, she took a life changing decision to move away from the industry and give something back to support others struggling with their own illness.

She believes VITAL is an incredible organisation. It allows people the opportunity to be themselves with the support of a great team around them. Her vision for the future is to be part of inspiring projects, helping people to find their own voice & stand strong in society.

If you see Tracy standing looking dazed and confused, guide her in the right direction ..she once thought she was getting the last train from Leeds to London but realised a little too late that it was the wrong train and ended up in the sheds!