At 10 John’s face started to pull informal faces. At 17 he developed a fearful sensation and began to hear voices around him until he was 32.

At 32 after a successful career as a retail manager, John’s life changed when the voices became stronger and took over his frontal lobe. Bought on predominantly by stress, he decided to make a lifestyle change and became a support worker over a period of 8 years .

At 39, his life came crashing down after a severe breakdown. It has taken 4 years to regain his strength and confidence but for the first time he now feels stronger than ever. There is no denying that daily life isn’t difficult. He still has daily struggles with depression, anxiety and inner delusions but they are manageable.

What helps?

His faith plays a big part of his recovery as well as keeping himself occupied with jobs, along with meditation and a healthy lifestyle. By talking he has found out more about how it is hereditary within his family and he takes time to celebrate life and appreciate what is around him.

He also joined a local Hearing Voices group which helped him recognise that he was not alone.