Like many teenagers, exam pressure can cause high levels of stress. A successful student, Mo achieved eight GCSEs but when he reached A’levels, the levels of stress became too much and he experienced a nervous breakdown, was sectioned and diagnosed with bi polar which he struggled to accept.

Who took time to listen?

Things changed when he joined Andy’s man club, a specialist group for men struggling with mental health. It was the first time he felt he could open up. Talking to strangers took away the burden. He felt acceptance of his diagnosis

Recently hospitalised, he felt alone. Unable to communicate it was a VITAL Advocate that helped him in is recovery. Because all our advocates have had their own experience of mental health, Mo felt he could trust his advocate. He had empathy which made it easier to open up.

He credits our advocates as ‘superheros’ who offer a VITAL service.

What helps?

Mo recognises that medicine alone does not work and that lifestyle plays a huge part in staying well. Making sure you eat well, exercise regularly, have faith and socialise.