This year, VITAL are celebrating their 30th Birthday.

VITAL is a service user run mental health advocacy organisation that aims to redress the balance of power between professionals and vulnerable people. Set up in 1989 when advocacy provision didn’t really exist, it has remained true to its service user run ethos and roots throughout changes within the advocacy and support sector. VITAL employ’s and is run by service user and carers; experts by experience.

VITAL’s core belief is that people who feel listened to and at the centre of their care and treatment are more likely to yield better results in their recovery and have a more positive experience of mental health care, feel empowered to take a proactive role in their future, and thus more likely to engage in future care or support where needed. Our core belief is that people are human’s and not just a diagnosis.

In line with these values, we have provided user led and statutory advocacy since 1989, through both volunteers and paid staff. We have also branched out in to other projects aiming to involve people with mental health issues within services and society.T

Times are tough and today we exist only through the generous donations you make.

Please help us continue our great work & to make a difference by supporting us through donations, volunteering or following us on social media & highlighting our cause. 

Keep an eye on the website for further information & join us in celebrating this BIG milestone.