Thank you for all your help and support. I am very grateful to the service and for the information. The NHS is a minefield and the support was needed at a very difficult time.
Prior to the pandemic there had been changes in health services due to the pressures on the NHS - sometimes this left people not knowing how to get the health service that they needed or to not get the standard of service that they would expect, this can be very distressing and leave people feeling frustrated and not knowing where to start to achieve resolution.
The extra pressures of the pandemic have led to situations where people may not know how to get the health support or treatment that they need, not getting information that they need to understand their circumstances and ways forward with their care and treatment and in some circumstances, people have lost family members who they were unable to visit or have discussion with health professionals about what was happening.
Whilst everyone that we work with during this difficult time appreciates the pressures the NHS are under, people still have a right to get the care and treatment that they need, the information that they need about care and treatment and in the unfortunate circumstances of a bereavement, to get answers about what happened with their loved one to enable them to grieve.
If you need support with an NHS compaint, please contact the ICAT team on 01274 770118 or email us on [email protected]