BAMHAG are now called VITAL


After a significant funding loss, BAMHAG decided it needed to look at why it existed, if it was still needed and what it needed to do to survive in to the future.

  • We exist to make sure people are heard and that they are more than just a label or set of symptoms

  • We decided we were definitely still needed, as advocacy provision in the district is now limited, and people are struggling to be heard and to get support around their mental health

  • We realised that we needed to update our image, get more digital savvy and change the way we get funds to pay for our work. We wanted the image and name to reflect who we are and what we do.

Why did we lose funding?

The advocacy world has changed over the 27 years we have been providing advocacy, as has the way it is funded. Some changes have been good, others we are not so keen on. Due to these changes, the way in which advocacy is funded has changed. It has become bigger business too.

Sadly the focus of advocacy funding from the Local Authority and NHS is for Statutory Advocacy, meaning advocacy which people have the right to under law due. Funding for these services was recently awarded to a national organisation.

So what's really changed?

  1. Our name, from BAMHAG to VITAL (Registered as VITAL Projects)
  2. Our branding and logo
  3. Our funding
  4. Our plans to increase services to reach more people in creative ways
  5. We are not the main providers of Advocacy in Bradford (though the only providers of user run advocacy)

What has stayed the same?

  1. We are still user run and intend to really use this
  2. We are still providing advocacy
  3. We are still committed and passionate about getting people heard