Message in a bottle

At 8cm in height, the beautiful glass bottles are great gifts for friends or loved ones who may be struggling at this time.

Each bottle contains an individual message of hope. Create your own message (max 15 words) or choose one from our collection:

  1. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations 
  2. Storms don't last forever 
  3. Sunshine comes to those who have rain 
  4. Where you are is not who you are 
  5. Be anything but predictable 
  6. Perfectly Imperfect 
  7. Little by little 
  8. You've got this 
  9. Life is tough but so are you 
  10. When nothing goes right, go left 
  11. One day at a time 
  12. Whatever makes your soul happy - do that 
  13. Different does not mean wrong 
  14. Screw perfect
  15. There will be bad days and they will end 

When you check out, just add the quote you would like to the delivery instruction & we will get it created for you.

Money raised goes back into VITAL services supporting the community and their mental health.