Anxiety and OCD had plagued Su as a child. As she got older and entered the workforce employers would often know if things were bad when pencils started to be lined up.

Following a restructure, Su had to take a step backwards following years in a managerial role. It was incredibly stressful & it was at this time she hit a brick wall in terms of support in the workplace. Unable to cope, she retreated to her bed for 3 months.  She started a part time job at a local radio station which she loved but it was only funded for 12 months. After 7 years she was pressurised back into a full time role due to financial restraints and her husband’s cancer diagnosis.

Unable to cope in the workplace with no support, Su was eventually let go on the grounds of incapacity.

Su is currently on a recovery journey, following a massive knock to her confidence. She has a wonderful husband who tells her she is not alone and that her illness is ‘their problem’. Great friends who are by her side and a passion for cycling.

Her involvement with VITAL was as a volunteer and loved how much mental health was viewed positively in the organisation. Following a really rough time, Su never thought she would be able to work again but through Volunteering her confidence grew. She recognises that her life experience is valuable and is reassured by her experience that one day she will work again.