Happy go lucky throughout her childhood to early 20s, Tracy embraced life and all it had to throw at her. She became an events organiser in mid 20s working long hours and experiencing high levels of stress on a daily basis often including working weekends. Once working back to back 100 hour weeks - there was just no let up. Her work life balance was impacted and her inner desire for perfection led to her first mental health experience caused by burnout.

Diagnosis and moving forward

She was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. After which, she promptly organised a house swap in Canada and ‘escaped’ life for a month, which was supported by her boss who hadn’t seen any signs until the day she went into his office totally broken.  ‘You just get on with things and never said anything’.

Ambitious in nature, she took a promotion at another firm on her return and continued to push herself again until she broke for the second time 3 years later. This time it was slightly harder to get back up and she returned to be near her family whilst continuing in the events industry. Another 3 years and due to personal circumstances, she took on a contract and moved up North.

Unable to cope with continuing pressures, the people or any element of the role in a sector she had begun to resent - Tracy experienced severe burnout.

This led to 3 months unable to get out of bed and 18 months of rebuilding herself, supported by her family, close friend and incredible CPN. All of which she will be forever grateful for.

So what helped?

Although horrendous, that final break was what was needed for her to recognise that life needed to change. She wanted to understand what had happened to her and started to study psychology, began yoga & found a new passion in mindfulness.

She wanted to bring things back into her life that she enjoyed and started her own craft business & began to write again. Tracy also wanted to support others who were struggling & started working for VITAL as a Link Project Worker over two years ago.

Recognising that you have limits is so important. Nobody is invincible. As alone as you may feel at the time, it is essential to recognise that this is not the case and by talking you realise that most of the world is experiencing different levels of mental health at any given time. Life will throw curve balls to challenge you but recognise that there are people around- you just need to ask for help.