Advocacy is quite simply supporting people to get their voice heard and finding the right support for them.

Advocacy aims to ensure that people know their rights and have the information they need to make their own choices.

Mental health difficulties can make us feel confused and vulnerable; talking with an advocate can help people to work out what they want, find services that can help and feel supported in communicating with services.

Our Independent Mental Health Advocates offer support in the community to ensure people are listened to, sometimes addressing the power imbalance that can arise with service professionals. It is about having someone by your side, to support your views and get your opinions heard in a non judgmental, empathetic way.

At VITAL our advocates are highly trained professionals with their own personal experience of using mental health services. They understand the frustrations that can come along with trying to find and access the right services at difficult times and the importance of getting your view points taken seriously.

An advocate helps you get to where you need to be, easing the journey through the system with the provision of information and support.

If you feel you would benefit from this service, please contact us here via the booking form or call us on 01274 770118.