Please get in touch if you would like more added to this list! There are new phrases and acronyms surfacing all the time! It's hard to keep up!

Acute Care Setting: When someone is in a hospital

Advocacy: Helping someone to be heard, their opinions to be expressed

AMHP: Approved Mental Health Practitioner

CMHT: Community Mental Health Team, which you need a referral for from your doctor

GP: General Practioner, usually your local doctor

ICAA: Independent Care Act Advocacy (Under the Care Act)

IMCA: Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (Under the Mental Capacity Act)

IMHA: Independent Mental Health Advocacy (Under the Mental Health Act)

MHA: Mental Health Act

Mentoring: Guiding and supporting people to achieve a pre-agreed goal

Statutory Advocacy: Advocacy which people are legally entitled to under laws to which they are subject to (such as being detained in Hospitial)

Secondary Mental Health services: Services where you have been referred to another service to help with your mental health, the Mental Health Team